Detective Services

Have you always been the curious type who loves to solve mysteries? Maybe you just want to do some good in the world or were inspired by great detectives such as Columbo or MacGyver as a kid. Whether you are a police officer looking for career advancement or are looking for a completely new career, detective work may be for you. Here is some information that will help you learn how to become a detective and that will allow you to decide if it’s the path for you.

What kinds of detectives are there?

When researching how to be a detective, you must first narrow down what type of detective you wish to become. The majority of detectives work in law enforcement. There are many different branches of investigation in the field. Some of these detectives work in computer crimes, financial and fraud investigations, missing persons, and much more. There are also different levels of work such as local, state, federal, and international. Some detective jobs can only be obtained with time and experience. Others can be obtained with a degree.

There are also private detectives. Private detectives are usually hired by everyday citizens. Some of these detectives specialize in the investigation of adulteries and divorce, private legal matters, and child custody. These detectives usually have a private office or small company of their own. Private detectives usually work undercover and need a degree and a state-certified license.

What is in the job description of a detective?

There are many duties involved in detective work. Detectives gather evidence by talking to suspects, searching crimes scenes, and sometimes retrieve evidence needed in court cases to be tested forensically. Sometimes detectives and special agents will organize search parties and raids. Drug task forces, fraudulent activity, and human trafficking sometimes require undercover detective work. They may have to even testify in cases when necessary. Detectives must be honest, alert, and willing to be committed to their job.

The job of a private detective is usually to conduct undercover investigations for citizens. Sometimes they may have to photograph and record evidence in progress, track people involved in suspicious activities, and more. Many times the Private detective will provide reports that can be handed over to a lawyer or law enforcement investigation. This can help in solving cases or in decisions made by court cases. They may also report any illegal activities to law enforcement and report the location of persons wanted under a warrant.

There are many more responsibilities in detective work. Once you decide what areas and agencies you are interested in and learn how to be a detective in those areas, you can take a closer look at what other things you may end up doing on the job.