Benefits of Online Detective Services

If you go to the recorder’s office or to the courthouse and search for the public records, it might consume more time and energy. But if you use the online detective services like Net Detective, you can instantly find the background details of your neighborhood, tenant, landlord, fiance, employee or employer, business or a company, and even your friends and relatives.

To protect yourself

These checks will help to protect yourself, your family and your friends from violence, cheating, fights and financial issues. You can even find out about your new neighbor to make sure he is not a sex offender or a threat to your children. These checks will also help you to find about your lover’s, fiances or spouse’s background history and about their past life.

Background Checks will provide you the following

Comprehensive check services will provide area sex offender check; address history check; spouse/ roommates check; property ownership search; civil actions and civil filings; incarcerations and convictions; criminal record search; phone number search; misdemeanors and felonies; family history record search; list of associates; neighborhood statistics and check; arrests and warrants and all type of public searches.


Accessing the public online record helps you to save money, because most of us will not have time to move to the local police offices, government tax offices or to the private manual investigators. So these online services offer the details for us from the comfort of our homes. You may opt to hire a private investigator to perform a public record search; they will also have a lot of resources from local police records to tax records and all the private and public records. But the only problem in hiring them is that they will charge more to perform the search. In this case, online service is a better option.

Multiple searches

Another main benefit of online search services is that you can access multiple records within few minutes of time. You can find about your tenant history, servant maid’s background details, and your babysitter’s information by using these services from the comfort of your home.